Larisoft CleanDesktop; The Untold Story of How A Nigerian IT Firm Truly Led Tech Innovation Worldwide.

In september 2018, Apple released their new operating system; Mac OS Mojave. One of the flagship features of this OS was its ability to automatically clean the user’s desktop. Users hailed the release of this product, and apple boasted about it.

What they didnt know was that as early as 2016, larisoft ltd, then a fledgling startup in Enugu, Nigeria, had already released a piece of software that does exactly what Apple’s stacks does on windows and so larisoft ltd was clearly ahead of them innovation wise.

The larisoft version (clean desktop) has been on github since 2016, is open source, has gathered a lot of grateful users in the country and beyond over the years, and is available for download.The software comes in zipped format. All you need to do is extract it, double click setup.exe, and watch the magic happen.

Nigeria is getting there, right?

To download Larisoft CleanDesktop, Click here