A Weak and Faulty Product Versus Efficient customer relationship system?

Would you rather choose: 1. A product that’s efficient and reliable + a weak and faulty customer relationship


A product that’s weak and faulty + a reliable and efficient customer relationship system?

I was pondering and discovered many projects that lead their industries aren’t the best available.

On the other hand, None of the options is actually desirable but if you find yourself in a fix, I’d rather have the client/customer on my side since they are the reason the project was embarked on in the first place so I’d choose.

Getting customers on your side is key.
I do believe that efficiency matters in every product. in short term business, I do go with option

1. Customers or Client buys efficiency, not actually what is in goods/product or the smile in your teeth.

I reckon it’s tough for businesses to balance quality and efficient internal processes with proper customer relationship
There are usually trade-offs.

The efficiency is also all about customer experience.

In relation to Tech, Assuming Larisoft has an app with a low customer experience(satisfaction) and the relationship with those clients are strong. If those client get to test other companies product(service) on that same app with a higher satisfaction than that of Larisoft , They will certainly lose trust and find their way.

Larisoft will lose clients and trust( that is just an instance we are never like that , we rate our customer satisfaction high).

Customer efficiency matters a lot in every business, It is through those experiences from customer that you gain trust and at the same time relationship. A customer finds interest with the product that at least solves his/her problems and understands the solution to them rather than looking at the relationship + trust involved.
This efficiency can either be how the product meet up with his problems , how he will be able to make something from the product and time saving .

What do you think?